Our  Production:
Mayonnaise of Gold Provansal.
It`s made form classic recipes based on natural and quality raw ingredients. The flavour qualites and dense consistense of mayonnaise Gold Provansal is irreplaceable for preparation of various salads and hot meals
Mayonnaise Gold Light  
As well made from classical recipes based on natural and quality raw ingredients but contains less calories and with more gentle taste.
Mayonnaise Gold Salad
Universal product in the kitchen. Goes well with a variety of salads and it is good base for making home made sauces.
Tomato Ketchup and Sharp    
High contents of tomato paste and set of spices makes unique flavouring sensation. Good seasoning for many dishes.
Mustard Sauce

Fine seasoning to any meal. Sharp natural mustard taste. Could also be used as marinade for meat and fish. Good seasoning to half finished products.

Hamburger Sauce

Made from mayonnaise with a special seasoning for sharp juicy taste. Could be used as seasoning for fish and meat.


Our other products :

  • butter for sandwiches
  • salad dressing
  • various sauces and mayonnaises

Packing starts from 30 ml up to 10 l.